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About Us


Our customers

The Book Seat wants to build a great relationship with our customers. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions of where we can do better and where we’ve done well !

Our manufacturers and suppliers

The Book Seat® deals only with contractors and suppliers who have been chosen to meet our own high standards. We welcome comments on the quality of our products to complement our own monitoring so that we can ensure we meet the demanding standards of our valuable customers.



The Book Seat Pty Ltd and Emerging Products Pty Ltd, are the exclusive distributor of The Book Seat®.

We have been successfully selling throughout Australia for over 10 years. We work with our partners and suppliers to continually maintain and improve our quality control. We set standards that we require for our products which our suppliers and contractors must meet. Compliance with our standards is regularly monitored to ensure we are delivering top quality and reliable products.

Emerging Products and The Book Seat Pty Ltd licenses distributors outside of Australia to bring the benefits of The Book Seat® to readers around the world. 

Our Partners

At each of our production sites The Book Seat® is assembled and packaged at assisted employment facilities. These work centres employ people with various physical or intellectual challenges, from the surrounding community. The Book Seat and Emerging Products are proud to work with these valuable local organisations.